Isovalve Female

Isovalve Female (IsoVF)

Supplied with:

  • Iso Filter
  • IsoDome handle
  • 15mm IsoNipple
  • Plastic sleeve
  • 4mm allen key
  • Tamper-proof Cap

Isovalve Female

The Isovalve (male and female models) and its accessories are designed to be used as a service and flow reduction valve which are installed prior to a plumbing fixture or appliance.

Benefits of Isovalve during Fixture installation:

    • No need to turn off the water
    • No need to remove test plug
    • No water spills or flooding through joinery or flooring
    • No need to install brass nipple and standard isolating valve
    • Fixtures can be commissioned before moving on to next appliance
    • No need to drain down plumbing system
    • Several times faster installation than traditional method

Build of Materials
Brass – DZR Brass 352 precision machined bar
O-Rings– twin Nitrile O-Rings Durometer Hardness Duro 70
Washer – Acetyl
Surface Finish – Chrome Plating
Filter – Nylon PA-66 & 304 Stainless Steel 40×40 Mesh Aperture 0.42mm

Flow and Pressure Operation
Operating Pressure – Min 20kpa to Max 1600kpa
Maximum Test Pressure – For pipework pressure testing up to 2000kpa
Minimum Pressure – At the minimum operating pressure of 20kpa a single Isovalve will deliver a maximum 6.5L/min.  When installed prior to a typical ceramic disc faucet (which will deliver approximately 4.25L/min @ 20kpa) the Isovalve will have no significant effect on the flow of water from the faucet.
Typical Operating Pressure – At a typical operating pressure of 750kpa  (a single Isovalve can deliver a maximum of approximately 33L/min.)

Operating Temperature Range
Short term – Min 0’C to Max 90’C.  Extended term 60’C.

Certification and Standards
Isovalves and accessories are manufactured and certified to comply with ATS5200.012, AS3688:2005 and ISO5208
DZR Brass complies with AS2345
Australian WaterMark Certification Licence No. WTS-012

Every Isovalve is factory tested before packaging.  Isovalves are guaranteed against defective parts for a period of five (5) years.

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What the plumbers say

“Saves a lot of leakage”

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