Testimonials about Isovalve from our fantastic customers

Helping you help our environment

Feedback from other plumbers and building
specifiers has been very positive.

“I am your biggest fan”

Tony FauchelleTuffnell Plumbing & Drainage, Richmond, Nelson

“Genius – never met the man but he must be a genius and must be a plumber”

Mark HansonProperty Services, University of Otago, Dunedin O.S

“Quick and easy to install – and aesthetically pleasing”

NathanBaxter & Neilson Plumbers, InvercargillZax

“Simple, practical solution”

Brian DonnellyBrian Donnelly Plumbing, Palmerston North

“Best thing since sliced bread”

Paul Warringon-StaatsmanLifestyle Plumbing & Drainage, Napier

“Awesome value – can pressure test the system – use 100’s a year”

Gavin (with apprentice)Flow Industries Ltd, New Plymouth

“We regularly use Isovalves on projects – our builders and painters like the fact that they can finish up to the valve and we can fit the flange after without isolating the complete building and risking spilling water on the finished walls/floors . They also provide us with a vandal proof isolation for maintenance.”

Jeff Burrow Plumbing / Engineering Foreman, University of Otago, DunedinMaxmanc Inc

“Saves a lot of leakage”

VinceWayne Sizemore Plumbers, Dunedin FunkyInc

“Always use them – so easy to put on”


The appliance / fixture service valve breakthrough
the plumbing industry has been waiting for.

Invented by Plumber for a Plumber

No need to turn the water off

Faster installation

Control flow to individual tap

No water spills

Manufactured to the highest specifications from chrome finished brass.