Southplumb Ltd Using Isovalve

Plumbing company Southplumb using Isovalve fittings

Here we’ve got the guys from Southplumb who are a plumbing and gasfitting company in Christchurch using our Isovalves in a pre-pipe at a local hotel that’s being refurbished.

Here you can see the Isovalve Male Long being fitted for the cold water supply of a w/c.


Isovalve long being fitted to female wingback


Isovalve duo fitted into barrel nipple

These two Isovalve Female Duo’s are fitted here to feed the kitchen sink and dishwasher.

These pictures show how the Isovalve is used at pre-pipe before any insulating and gibbing has taken place.  The Isovalve’s are used as test plugs so no need to remove them once they’ve been fitted.  Once the rest of the building work has been finished it will take merely minutes to plumb up the kitchen sink and w/c, saving time and money in the installation process.



Southplumb can be contacted for work via;

T: 03 343 1901



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