The appliance / fixture service valve breakthrough
the plumbing industry has been waiting for.

Invented by Plumber for a Plumber

No need to turn the water off

Faster installation

Control flow to individual tap

No water spills

Manufactured to the highest specifications from chrome finished brass.

Isovalve - The Product

It is beneficial for all plumbing fixtures and
appliances to have a service valve – both for future
maintenance and control of water flow.


Isovalve Long

Introducing the new Isovalve Long (IsoVML) – 20mm longer than the IsoMale (IsoVM)
Inline filter Included.  The extra length is ideal for behind vanity situations and back-to-wall toilet suites.

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Isovalves turn a previously time-consuming
task of many steps into a simple no-fuss

Superior Product – Superior Result
Use Isovalve for:

Introducing Isovalve

The appliance/fixture service valve breakthrough the plumbing industry has been waiting for.

Isovalve has been invented by a plumber for plumbers – designed to save time and increase productivity.  Isovalve is an isolating valve like no other because it has the ability to have its outlet pipe removed, leaving a sleek linear cylindrical shape that allows it to be used as a test plug (pressure test up to 2,000kpa).

Isovalve is installed prior to wall linings so fixtures can be installed at any time without turning off the water – saving time, eliminating any inconvenience for other users and reducing the costs for the client.

What the Plumbers say…

“We regularly use Isovalves on projects – our builders and painters like the fact that they can finish up to the valve; then we can fit the flange after without isolating the complete building and risking spilling water on the finished walls/floors . They also provide us with a vandal-proof isolation for maintenance.”