Isovalve benefits to the installer and to the end user

Isovalve Benefits

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It is beneficial for all plumbing fixtures and appliances to have an isolating service valve. In fact, in a lot of countries around the world it is mandatory to install an isolating valve of some sort at each fixture.

Isolvalves are installed at the time a temporary test plug would normally be installed. They reduce the need for all of the subsequent work involved in removing the temporary test plug (water must be turned off to the system!) prior to installing fittings. Each Isovalve comes with its own in-line filter ensuring compliance with tapware warranties

The benefits of installing Isovalves include:

To the Plumber

    • No need to turn the water off at a remote location
    • No need to install a traditional (temporary) test plug
    • Ability to control water flow to individual tap fittings (e.g. small wash basins)
    • Faster installation than traditional methods
    • Pipe work can be flushed clean before installation of tap fittings
    • Allows air to be bleed from the system prior to pressure testing
    • Easy checking for cross connections between hot and cold
    • No need to drain down plumbing system
    • Makes connecting a pressure tester easier
    • No water spills or flooding through joinery
    • Because pipe system is ‘live’ individual fixtures can be commissioned before moving on to the next appliance.
    • Allows water to always be available to other users (e.g. during construction)

To the Residential Client

    • Ability to isolate faulty water fittings without affecting the rest of the system and incurring costly callout fees
    • Allows future maintenance to be carried out on individual fittings without disruption to the rest of the household system
    • Saves money on energy (cost of heating wasted hot water) and excess water use
    • Environmentally friendly
    • Flow restriction prevents splashing
    • Cost effective and time saving benefits at time of installation and in the future.
    • Modern and stylish. Suitable for most applications.

Additional to above for the Commercial Client

    • Replacement of the Isodome with an Isocap makes the Isovalve tamperproof.
    • Tamper proof method ideal for public places

To the Environment:

    • Water and energy (heating wasted water) saving

Benefits of Isovalve optional extras:

    • Isoadapter gives the option of using the Isovalve with dishwashers or washing machines (ideal in commercial situations)
    • Different sized Isonipples are interchangeable allow flexibility

Without Isovalve

Without Isovalve

With Isovalve

With Isovalve