• Removable and interchangeable outlet nipples (10, 15 and 20mm outlet nipples available)
  • Needle valve for excellent flow control
  • Inline filter
  • Conventional tap handle
  • 20mm IsoNipple supplied
  • Hot and Cold Indicators
  • DZR brass; chrome plated

Isovalve IsoTap20

The Isovalve IsoTap range has been designed to be used as a service and flow reduction valve which are installed prior to a plumbing fixture or appliance.

Features and Benefits
Removable and interchangeable outlet nipples allow flexibility while the inline filter means tapware complies with warranty conditions.
The needle valve allows for excellent flow control.
The IsoTap range (excluding swivel) can be used as a test plug when the handle and outlet nipple are removed – store the handle and nipple safely and use masking tape to protect the chrome during construction.
The IsoFlange (IsoWFF) slides over the linear shape of IsoTap reducing the need to be accurate with nippling tube.
The IsoTap20 is a cost effective option to provide fully exposed washing machine taps.

Build of Materials
Brass – DZR Brass 352 precision machined bar
O-Rings– twin Nitrile O-Rings Durometer Hardness Duro 70
Washer – Acetyl
Surface Finish – Chrome Plating
Filter – Nylon PA-66 & 304 Stainless Steel 40×40 Mesh Aperture 0.42mm

Flow and Pressure Operation
Operating Pressure – Min 20kpa to Max 1600kpa
Maximum Test Pressure – For pipework pressure testing up to 2000kpa
Minimum Pressure – At the minimum operating pressure of 20kpa a single Isovalve will deliver a maximum 6.5L/min.  When installed prior to a typical ceramic disc faucet (which will deliver approximately 4.25L/min @ 20kpa) the Isovalve will have no significant effect on the flow of water from the faucet.
Typical Operating Pressure – At a typical operating pressure of 750kpa  (a single Isovalve can deliver a maximum of approximately 33L/min.)

Operating Temperature Range
Short term – Min 0’C to Max 90’C.  Extended term 60’C.

Certification and Standards
Isovalves and accessories are manufactured and certified to comply with ATS5200.012, AS3688:2005 and ISO5208
DZR Brass complies with AS2345
WaterMark Certification pending.

Every Isovalve is factory tested before packaging.  Isovalves are guaranteed against defective parts for a period of five (5) years.

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