The new fear of poor quality plumbing fittings and their disastrous consequences

Poor quality fittings could be a disaster waiting to happen

There is a fear within the plumbing industry that the use of poor quality, imported plumbing fittings could have disastrous affects and lead to water damage problems in the not too distant future.

no poor plumbing fittings here

The plumbing merchants are being “flooded” by products and fittings supplied by small scale importers without documentation to support code compliance.

And due to an ever increasing demand for cheaper costs to consumers a lot of plumbing companies have made the mistake of using these products in a way to provide cheaper prices for their customers, unwillingly knowing that this could lead to further costs and potential damage to home owners.

Isovalve products are certified under the WaterMark scheme brought in to protect the users and consumers of plumbing and drainage products.  Isovalve has been tested by a recognized testing laboratory, comply with an approved specification, be made in accordance with an approved quality programme and carry a warranty.


New Zealand Patent and Watermark

Always be careful what you’re fitting in your house.  Cheap is not always best and in some cases can cost you a lot more in the long term.  If you’re not sure on a product then do some research before buying it as a few extra minutes could potentially save you a few hundred dollars.

Check out the picture showing Isovalves New Zealand patent number and Watermark Certification.