isovalve male long

The Isovalve Male Long Supersedes in Sales

So the Isovalve Male Long is now our top seller!

After some of your feedback over the last couple of years the Isovalve Male Long was developed, initially designed to conquer the problem we were having with Isovalves fitting inside basin vanity units, although now it seems you’ve been using them for pretty much everything.

As you all know the original Isovalve Male was designed to work as an isolation valve for plumbing appliances and fixtures, as well as a test plug and also a flow regulator.  After some use and feedback from plumbers using them that the 86.5mm length wasn’t quite long enough for some uses, mainly in vanity units where there is an 18mm ply/wood backing.

So size does matter apparently!!

Hence the birth of the Isovalve Male Long.  Which comes in at 106.5mm and has enough on it to exceed the backing of vanity units, cistern surrounds etc. and enables the plumber to use them in every situation.

Since the Male Long has come out it’s sales numbers have increased and just this month has exceeded the original Male Long as top dog.

So thank you all that have made this happen and those that will make this keep on happening as we all know that once reading this article you’re going to go out and buy more. Thank you 🙂