The issue with flexi hoses and how Isovalve can help

Poor quality flexible hoses are creating future problems throughout NZ’s Plumbing Industry

All across the media recently numerous articles about “flexi hoses” that connect to plumbing appliances are causing a stir across the pond in Australia and how the same products are being used here in New Zealand.

To put bluntly, cheap flexible hoses are being used rather than the more expensive ones, to simply save a couple of dollars! This is leading to the poorer quality hoses degrading over time, as they’re only guaranteed for 5 years, and when you’re not expecting it they’re bursting, flooding houses at an alarming rate.

braided flexible hoses

To give you an idea of what sort of damage they can do for example, water supplied to a property on average comes out of the tap at around 20 liters per minute.  If a hose were to burst whilst you were out the house, e.g. you’ve popped to the shops for an hour, 1200 litres of water could be pouring out into your home whilst you’re away, leaving you with a huge clean up bill and possibly damage to surrounding stud walls, furniture and carpets or tiles.

Imagine what damage that would do if you were out at work for the day and it happened!!

How Isovalve can help against faulty flexi hoses

burst hoses

Having Isovalves fitted in your home can help reduce the amount of damage to the property and give you more control of your own plumbing system in your home.  Rather than having to turn the water off for the entire property, then being at the mercy of a plumber and their extortionate call out fee, using Isovalve means you can isolate the problem at the fixture quickly and efficiently and still have the water working in the rest of the property.

Giving you time to ring around for the best price and not feel forced into or rushing out to call on someone straight away.  They also give you piece of mind knowing that if the worst were to happen, you’re in control.

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